Business Solutions

We believe every organization is unique and may have unique requirements and therefore the need for locally developed solutions. Solutions being locally developed have advantage over off-shelf imported solutions in the sense that problems can be rectified quickly or customization can be done to meet customer needs.

Garments Industry

  • Packed Carton Item Quantity Check to avoid short shipment
  • Productivity Monitoring by floor|section|employee to enhance productivity per section and per employee
  • Production Status as part of MIS
  • Employee Biometric Attendance for attendance & payroll with report separating regular duty hours and OT hours for each work day. Can be integrated with pay roll or export excel file or we can provide API to integrate data with client existing software.


Multi-site Employee Attendance Reports for Large Business Organizations

IBSL can connect multiple factory or work sites into a single integrated bio-metric attendance reporting system. IBSL can assist to do statistical analysis of the attendance data as per client needs like list of attendance days, list of late comers, list of habitually late comers with dates, attendance trend etc, with options to print or save.

Warehouse Management

IBSL can provide a customised warehouse management system based on RFID technology. With RFID technology in place physical counting of items will not be required. Further unauthorised movement of items can be tracked and alarm can be triggered. Modified version of the system can be used in office complex to prevent theft & pilferage of high value items like laptops.


Camera Network, Access Control & Monitoring System

Spending money to install camera networks without doing risk assessment, without setting security objectives and without making risk mitigation plan may not be very fruitful. IBSL security consultant helps in doing the stated tasks before suggesting a camera network plan. At IBSL we also have the required photography knowledge to select the most appropriate camera for the environment where camera is likely to be deployed. Camera technology has significantly improved in terms of video compression and video analytics and IBSL helps the client to take full advantage of the emerging technology.

File / Document Tracking System

The document / file tracking system is designed to track the file movement within the organization. Date & Time stamp can be added to each segment of the movement of the document / file to generate reports to show time spent at each location. Report analysis helps senior management to identify bottleneck areas which may need attention. The proposed system is based on RFID technology.

File tracking

Library Solution

More and more libraries across the world specially university & public libraries are adopting RFID solution either replacing or to work alongside existing bar-code system for library management. Key advantages of this system are enumerated below.

• RFID scanners can read hundreds of book ID tags in minutes which makes inventory count very easy making library management more efficient.
• Users can issue or deposit books simply be placing the books over desktop scanners without the need to physically type. Console provides check-in or check-out book list hard print copy to the user.
• RFID gates prevent books being taken out without proper checkout by initiating audio or light alarms.

IBSL engineers have developed in-house user software for the stated RFID based library management. This gives IBSL advantage that it can quickly fix problems and provide service support at short notice and subsequently do modifications as per user changing needs which is difficult and expensive with imported solutions.

Vehicle Movement Management – RFID Based Solution

IBSL can offer solution for fleet management using RFID technology. Proposed solution will have undermentioned two components as single solution:

i. Vehicle Sticker Management
(i). IBSL will provide specifically designed vehicles stickers with RFID chip embedded which are to be pasted on windshields.
(ii). IBSL will provide customised software for vehicle registration, sticker issue management, to generate customised reports and routine maintenance.

ii. Vehicles Movement Reports
(i). We can add Green / Red Lights at the security gate to indicate to security at the gate whether incoming car is with authorised sticker or not. Only cars which trigger Red light are to be stopped thus saving time and effort to check.
(ii). Customised software generate reports as desired like list of vehicles with entry & exit timings by date or list of vehicles making entry & exit after a defined time.


Guard Services Management Software

IBSL can provide cloud based management software to connect numerous sites including remote locations for management of guard services. System has option to automatically upload duty attendance data from all sites into the system.

Access Control System

• Multiple Doors locks
• Entry Control biometric Turnstile or biometric Door Locks
• For High secured sites double or triple tier verification

Access control

E-commerce Solutions

All-in-one ecommerce solutions that has every features to run your business. IBSL is providing, business-to-business (B2B); business-to-consumer (B2C); business-to-government (B2G); consumer-to-consumer (C2C) ecommerce solutions.

ERP Solutions

IBSL can provide customized ERP solutions Based on your Business Requirement. Remodel your business in a whole new way with advange technologies.


Customised Software Solutions

Besides above IBSL team can also meet customised software needs specifically web based solutions. Please feel free to call us to discuss whatever be your security or software issue.

Automated School Attendance System with SMS for Guardians

  • Accurate attendance Information on every Student
  • Track Late Entries early Outs
  • Records and maintains attendance of teacher and stuff
  • Easy tracking
  • Reduce use of paper
  • No manual roll-calling save time
School RFID copy

Security Consultancy

IBSL can provide security consultancy services covering the following:

a. Assist to design security system, access control system in order to secure premises. Typically, consultancy for a specific project would cover the undermentioned documentation:

i. Risk Assessment & Risk Mitigation Plan of the project site
ii. Security / Access Control Objectives & Access Control Policy Draft
iii. Plan / Diagram including network plan
iv. List of Equipment Required with technical specifications
v. Oversee bidding process and installation

b. Periodic Risk Assessment Reports against likely militancy threats.