Intelligent Business Solutions
Limited (IBSL)

Intelligent Business Solutions Ltd (IBSL) is registered and incorporated with Register of Joint Stock Companies & Firms Bangladesh as a private limited company. IBSL has a team of electrical engineers and software engineers focussing on business solutions. Core business concept of IBSL is to provide solutions that are developed by IBSL engineers to suit the needs of local business environment. We believe every organization is unique and may have unique requirements and therefore the need for locally developed solutions. Solutions being locally developed have advantage over off-shelf imported solutions in the sense that problems can be rectified quickly or customization can be done to meet customer needs.

Vision - Leader for Risk Assesment and Risk Mitigation based on technology-driven solution.
Mission - Provide solutions which are in-house developed and can be fully adapted to local needs.


Top rating

We are a top rated company first because we design affordable solutions and next because we integrate emerging technologies into our solutions.


IBSL team considers their work approach to be creative and unique because we look at each issue its own merits and demerits. We believe in turning dreams into workable business solutions.

Unique Solution

IBSL solutions may be considered as unique because for every problem we create an in-house unique solution specifically designed for the case scenario. As long as you are willing to share your problem scenario with us we will come up with possible solution options within affordable technology. Budget is a factor we always keep in mind while planning.